1. Seb Lee-Delisle: Supermarket in C - a great project but wish they would have chosen a more interesting scale :) <a class="auto-link" href="http://www.malcolmgoldie.com/?id=169">malcolmgoldie.com/?id=169</a> <a class="h-x-username auto-link" href="https://twitter.com/blprnt">blprnt</a> ht@chrisoshea

    seb_ly gotta love F# phrygian!

  2. Aral Balkan: Funny to think my first blog ever was plain static HTML, then a custom full-Flash site, then b2/Wordpress, and now plain static HTML again.

    aral I find I go in similar “abstraction loops” for many things. Start off basic → try out an abstraction → try out a higher abstraction → and another → get tired of abstractions, return to the original/something similar. The process always informs me in useful ways, however horrible the intermediate results are ;)

  3. Laura Kalbag: Avatars. Do they add anything to comments, or are they a waste of space?

    laurakalbag they add significant value to conversations, as they provide a recognisable visual indication of who is speaking and where each comment starts/ends. I am inclined against comments, but would recommend having avatars if you do :)

  4. In the evening () I’m off to a neo-folk session at the Steam Packet Inn, Totnes, with Robin from and some other musicians. Come along if you’re interested in playing trad/new trad/new medieval tunes!