1. Just saw ads on the BBC website for the first time — must be because I’m in another country. They look so out of place.

  2. If anyone's wondering what AOL actually do anymore, this screenshot I dug out from a few weeks ago should explain things:

  3. Jack Way: <a class="h-x-username auto-link" href="https://twitter.com/BarnabyWalters">Barnaby Walters</a> I don't know. Twigs seem healthy don't they?

    Jack Way they do a lot of growing — maybe you should dye your hair green

  4. Jack Way: Health day at <a class="h-x-username auto-link" href="https://twitter.com/GeneratorHub">The Generator</a> and according to the professionals I have the metabolic age of an 18 year old and the fat content of a twig.

    Jack Way so… that’s a good thing?

  5. Posting a note from a partly-disembowelled machine in Hakkavelin, Reykjavik. : IP-based location approximation and/or geocoding, i.e. I enter the address and OSM tells me what the lat/long is. Potentially some redundancy between the two could be applied.

  6. Ben Atkin: This is what happens if you tap the screen on a mobile device while reading an article on @medium. #uxfail <a class="auto-link" href="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BPOcO3ACEAIE516.png">pic.twitter.com/6lGHE04R9a</a>

    @benatkin “Hmm, that’s an interesting paragraph, I’ll just comment on (taps) … huh, what was I commenting on again?”

  7. I just sent a support email to @github making the following request for better 404 pages:

    Your 404 pages are pretty but useless for actually trying to find stuff which is misspelt, moved or gone. Could you consider implementing some of these improvements?

    • Show the github header on the 404 page for consistency
    • If the path is /real-username/missing-project, show the user’s profile and a list of their repos
    • If the path is /missing-username/*, show a search for “missing-username” or at the very least prefill the search box with that text
    • Keep track of projects which have moved and do HTTP redirects to their new locations

    Thanks for all the great work you’ve done and made possible,

    Archived here for posterity and public commentary.

  8. Emil Björklund: Reading a book on HTML5. &quot;&amp;lt;ruby&amp;gt;, &amp;lt;rt&amp;gt; and &amp;lt;rp&amp;gt; allow for marking up ruby (an Open Source Object Oriented programming language)&quot; Eh... No.

    @thatEmil yet another reason not to read dead-tree books about HTML5 :/