1. The march was good. Folk dancing en masse in the street, a temporary occupation of Westminster bridge and some amazing noise going under another bridge. Ten the weather turned on us.

    Police presence was imposing yet benign—the multiple helicopters seem like a waste of fuel though.

  2. On the bus bound for London. There is buzzing, blue lights and unintelligible announcements. I feel like I’m on a NASA flight, not a NE one.

  3. Essentially, my previous design had reached local maximum, so I’m going back to basics.

    I’ve decided it’s important that styling doesn’t fight or contradict markup, so I’m hoping that adding it progressively only where it is needed will make my code more maintainable.

  4. Aral Balkan: RT <a class="h-x-username auto-link" href="https://twitter.com/fifilepods">Lucy Phipps</a>: Seems my 16yrs of teaching about dinosaurs may be wrong?!? Any thoughts? <a class="auto-link" href="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A8GSlrCCAAEfnGC.jpg">pic.twitter.com/DGRClryf</a> This exists? *facepalm*

    Aral Balkan @fiflepods I dread to think what’s written on the cutesy charred CLUE note just out of view :/

  5. Chris Messina™: Pre-hashtags conversation about groups on Twitter from 5 years ago, started by <a class="h-x-username auto-link" href="https://twitter.com/monstro">Lane Becker</a>: <a class="auto-link" href="https://getsatisfaction.com/twitter/topics/when_is_twitter_going_to_get_groups">getsatisfaction.com/twitter/topics…</a>

    @chrismessina I’m amazed at how many of the 3rd party services offering twitter groups still exist.

  6. : Use <form action="." method="post"> for RESTful /collectionname/new forms if collectionname cannot be hard–coded. Saves loading backend routing config into the front end when it’s not required

  7. As of today I renounce twitter bootstrap. I will take inspiration from it as I take inspiration from other work, but I will no longer use any of it’s code.