1. Where are the contextual experiences?

    So many apps and services assume you wish to have a long-term experience when a teprary one would suit you better.

    For example, installing an app you're only going to use for a particular event. Or, subscribing to someone/thing for an event.

  2. Oh dear, my little old macbook is complaining a bit today. First the battery goes, then the wifi repeatedly disconnects. I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end :(

  3. Aral Balkan: … Beauty of that interaction is it has authenticity, substance, a story. It feels real. The app becomes a solid object to #play with. #xd

    Aral Balkan the other interesting effect I get is an increase in perceived productivity. Closing an app via multitouch instead of physical button seems a more fluid UI

  4. Tom Morris: If blatant racism gets dismissed as "whining" by Hacker News commentators, can't imagine amount of sexism that is being similarly dismissed.

    @tommorris is there a wiki somewhere we can document incidents like this in a central location?