1. Drew McLellan: I'm selling my 2009 unibody 15" MacBook Pro. Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz, 8GB memory, 320GB disk. Great machine. Looking for £750ish.

    drewm very tempting when I’m sitting here with a slowly disintegrating plastic non-unibody MB. Will consider it further.

  2. Drew McLellan: Pimping out my daughter's new MBP with 16GB RAM. That should make her GCSE Photography project work a bit less tiresome.

    drewm if my recent experience with GCSE photography is anything to go by, an external HD and a knowledge of rsync will be v. useful too :)

  3. Tom Morris: @BarnabyWalters and now I can indie-reply too. Maybe. 21:28 on 2012-12-25

    tommorris yay! I feel honoured you've taken the time to install it on Christmas Day :) So does ferocity send/receive pingbacks? Next step is to stop relying on twitter for reply/notification infrastructure.

  4. Just watched The Hunger Games for the first time. Initial impressions are that my imagined versions of Haymitch and Snow are way better than the actors. Their Snow is far too old and beardy. Other than that it’s not too bad at all. Looking forward to the next ones.