1. Earlier, aral wittily quipped:

    The CMS I use for my personal sites is called a file system. You might have heard of it.

    I disagree with this premise. Useful and easy as filesystems are, without a wrapper like Jekyll they don’t manage content (resources), they manage representations (typically HTML).

  2. Laura Kalbag: That was 15 comments I fished out of spam. Loads of them talking about Louis Vuitton handbags, though I'm not sure why… ;)

    laurakalbag you mean you spend time doing… reverse spam filtering?! Doesn’t that negate the usefulness of spam filters completely? Personally I am inclined against leaving comments on other sites anyway, it may keep conversations in the same place but it fragments my identity. Hence developing Own Your Comments

  3. Tom Morris: @BarnabyWalters and now I can indie-reply too. Maybe. 21:28 on 2012-12-25

    tommorris yay! I feel honoured you've taken the time to install it on Christmas Day :) So does ferocity send/receive pingbacks? Next step is to stop relying on twitter for reply/notification infrastructure.