1. Woke up, saw bright sun from window — “great, I’ll go rock jumping at Perlan”. Made breakfast (5 mins), hailing on other side of the house. Ate breakfast (5 mins), now snowing. Wrote this note (30 secs), now sunny again.

  2. I love it when there’s lots of snow on the ground. It enables us to see in (blurry) 4D.

    And I get to draw googly eyes on all the bins.

  3. Jovian Salak: Barnaby Walters such nice weather! UK is predictably bad...

    Jovian Salak the weather here is predictably unpredictable :) It was gorgeous when I took that two days ago, since then it has been freezing, murky and (in the last few hours) snowing a lot. All good fun!