A browser add-on which expands truncated POSSE tweet copies of indieweb content on twitter.com

Get Weave from your browser’s extension store: Firefox Opera Safari (in review)

Or, download and open to install: Chrome Safari Firefox Opera

Or, get the source code from Github: barnabywalters/weave


POSSE tweet copies of notes on a personal site are truncated on twitter.com


the truncated tweets have been replaced with the full content of the note, without having to click or leave twitter

Original Post Discovery

Weave uses a partial implementation of the Original Post Discovery algorithm created by the IndieWebCamp community as a standard way of finding the canonical copy of a piece of content from POSSEd copies of it.


Aral Balkan came up with the idea and name for Weave at IndieWebCamp UK 2013. It addressed real-world complaints that POSSE tweet copies of indieweb content looked ugly or confusing, so I made a cross-browser extension to make it a reality.

Weave is built using the Kango cross-browser extension framework, which allows extension code to be written once and then automatically turned into extensions for Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Chrome Installation Instructions

Chrome will tell you that you’re incompetent when you download the file, but it’s lying. Here’s how to persuade it of your merits and install Weave:

  1. Download the Chrome version of Weave, Ignore any warnings
  2. Open Window → Extensions
  3. Drag the downloaded file from your filesystem into the extensions window
  4. Approve it, and you’re done

Version History