Ben Werdmüller

Do we know how many people protested in total? I've heard 500K in DC, 150K in Chicago, 125K in Boston, 50K in Oakland alone. Can't verify.

Aaron Parecki

Day 32: Making IndieNews Realtime with WebSub #100DaysOfIndieWeb

You can now subscribe to realtime updates of IndieNews feeds via WebSub! (formerly known as PubSubHubbub)

It was relatively straightforward to add the necessary tags and ping the WebSub hub to make this work. I used Switchboard as the hub. I added the <link> tags and HTTP headers to indicate the hub and self URLs. When a new post is submitted, I then ping the hub, which is just an HTTP POST request with the URL of the feed.

I then went to test the publisher using websub.rocks. That part worked great, websub.rocks was able to subscribe to my feed, and I see it receiving the ping when a new post is added to IndieNews.

Then I went to try subscribing to IndieNews in Woodwind. Woodwind reported that it subscribed successfully, but it appears that it no longer shows me the WebSub statistics that it used to. I wanted to ensure it was able to subscribe to the realtime feed, so I then used websub.rocks to test Woodwind! 

As it turns out, Woodwind failed to subscribe to the test feed in websub.rocks, but not because of a bug in Woodwind! It turns out I had a small bug in websub.rocks caused by a previous renaming of some things. It was a quick fix and I'm glad Woodwind was able to point that out!

After adding IndieNews to Woodwind, I then realized that these posts don't look quite right in readers, and we likely need to do some more brainstorming on how they should be marked up and consumed. The challenge is when displaying a bookmarked post, who should appear as the author, and where should the permalink go? To the bookmark or to the post being bookmarked? It's likely the case that you'd want to see both pieces of information, especially since you see both pieces of information on IndieNews.

Let's take a look at a post on IndieNews:

This is a post that Chris (boffosocko.com) bookmarked on his site, and submitted to IndieNews. His goal was to share the Wordpress plugin with the community, so that's the most prominent thing being displayed here. The "WordPress IndieNews" title links to the GitHub repository, and we see "github.com" below reflecting that. At the end of the line, we see "from boffosocko.com" which is a link to his bookmark post. This indicates to the viewer that this was submitted by someone else.

I am reasonably happy with the way this is presented on IndieNews. The question then is how should it appear when being viewed in a reader such as Woodwind? We clearly have more research to do in this area, so I've started by adding this screenshot and a short description to the Bookmark page on the wiki.

Ben Werdmüller

Everyone on BART seems to be going to the march. I love people. An elderly woman is passing out purple ribbons.

Ben Werdmüller

From tiny towns in Alaska through cities like San Francisco & all the way to Washington DC, America is marching today. This is democracy. 👍

Aaron Parecki

Day 31 - Seven Grands

Day 31. This one is composed of seven tracks of the same piano sound, all with slightly different EQ and effects. One has a strong low-pass filter to make it sound percussive and not interfere with the rest, some have delay effects, etc. I wanted to see what I could do with only piano and no other instruments this time!

Aaron Parecki

Day 31: IndieNews Updates! #100DaysOfIndieWeb

Today I started what is hopefully a series of updates to IndieNews. It's been a while since I've worked on it, probably because it's been mostly working fine which I guess is good.

The main thing I did today was replace its own Microformats parsing with delegating that to XRay. This should provide better results when parsing pages, since I've been concentrating my work in consuming Microformats posts in that project.

The visual update today is a change to how submitted stories are displayed. Previously, each story always showed the headline as a hyperlink to the post. For short titles, this worked fine. But sometimes someone would submit a plaintext note, or an article with a very long title. This looked pretty bad. Now, IndieNews will switch to rendering the post as a text note in a few cases. This means URLs in the note also get hyperlinked individually, which is a good improvement. 

Newlines in the text are also preserved now.

As before, if a post with a title is submitted, then no content is displayed on the site. IndieNews is not meant to be a reader, it's just meant to link out to other content.

Another thing that went live during this release is the Dutch translation, thanks to @sebsel!

So feel free to submit all your Dutch stories here! https://news.indieweb.org/nl

Oh and one more thing. You should now be able to submit stories with emoji in the name! 😎

Aaron Parecki

Day 30: Documented the Bookmark Interface for Quill #100DaysOfIndieWeb

Straightforward update today. I added a documentation page for the bookmark interface of Quill!

Not a lot to say other than that!

Aaron Parecki

Day 30 - On the Train

Day 30. I can't believe it's already been a month I've been doing this project! I hope this one isn't too obvious what I was going for. I wrote most of this on the train from Eugene to Portland today. I added a 1/8 note pulse to the main synth track, which is supposed to be a nod to the rhythmic sounds the wheels make on the tracks. The slow pitch bend down one step is the doppler effect of passing another train and the bells at the train crossings. The piano chord accents are supposed to be the train horn. Get it? Is this too much of a musical pun?

Aaron Parecki

I never thought 45 degrees could feel so warm

Aaron Parecki

Dear Google. If you're going to cripple your mobile web and force me to the app, make sure all features are actually available in the app!

Aaron Parecki

Day 29 - Tuned

Day 29. I started this one with the synth chord track. They go in and out of tune across the phrases, only plus or minus half a half-step so it's barely audible but should come across as something being slightly off. The bongo drums were fun to add, that's mostly me playing the piano notes live, and there are a few different kinds of hits in the samples to make it sound less mechanical.

Aaron Parecki

Day 29: Better Media Support in p3k #100DaysOfIndieWeb

Today I worked on better media support. This involved a couple of changes.

  • Reposting audio and video posts that show the player for the reposted media
  • Support for audio + photo posts (shows as an audio player with poster image)
  • Support for video + audio + photo posts (shows as the video player with a hidden audio link for mf2 consumers)
  • Fallback for browsers that don't support <video> or <audio> that includes a link to download the files

Here's an example of a reposted podcast episode. It includes the episode name and an <audio> tag which plays the episode inline.

I can now also create audio posts that include an mp3 file. If the post also includes a photo, then the way it's rendered is in a <video> tag using the photo as the poster image. (ht tantek) This ends up looking essentially like a video player with a freeze frame in both Chrome and Firefox. On mobile, it looks like a video but the full-screen player that launches doesn't include the poster image.

I was unable to actually test the fallback support for when browsers don't support the <video> tag, but now I also include text that links to the video and audio files for browsers that don't render the player themselves. There is a setting in Firefox that I thought should disable the video tag (media.navigator.video.enabled), but it didn't seem to actually disable the video tag.