Lutherie Turning bits of wood into artistic musical tools


As well as making completely custom instruments, I have a catalogue of standard models that can be made as-is or modified/added to.

Acoustic Guitars

The Guitar

A Spruce/Mahogany OOO-type guitar that gives excellent acoustic performance.

Hurdy Gurdies

The Vio Hurdy Gurdy

Acoustic/Electro-acoustic Hurdy Gurdies. Built to order. Beginners to Professionals catered for.

Mountain Dulcimers

D4 Spine

A sleek hourglass 4 string Dulcimer with a clean aesthetic. Solid walnut.

Cigar Box Instruments

A cigar box guitar

Don't be fooled... these are serious, high end cigar box instruments!


A cigar box instrument

Musical odds and sods. Includes:

Me standing in my workshop

Who I Am

I built my first musical instrument when I was 12 years old — a hurdy gurdy made out of a cigar box.

Through my second instrument (a Mountain Dulcimer) I met renowned luthier John Bovey, who taught me many instrument making skills and remains a mentor today. I also gained a workshop full of excellent equipment from him, as he was in the process of retiring. John advised I study at the Totnes School of Guitarmaking, which I attended in 2011.

Since graduating in December 2011, I have carried out numerous repairs and added to the variety of instruments I build.

I’d love to make you an instrument

If you’re interested in having an instrument made or repaired, or just interested in instrument making, get in contact in whatever way you prefer, and we can discuss your requirements.

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Me Musically

I play the Piano Accordion, Hurdy Gurdy and Mountain Dulcimer, as well as knowing the basics on Guitar and various other instruments. I used to play in HodgePig, and did all the recording on our debut album.

I primarily play folk and folk-rock from all over Europe, but I also enjoy experimenting with synthesised sounds. I make instruments suitable for use in any music.

My music can be found on YouTube and SoundCloud.