1. Ryan Barrett

    hell yes! me too…at least the plan, if not the exact date. :P

    reading and other ecosystem-wide functionality are definitely still long poles for the indieweb. i’ve used twitter-atom (and facebook-atom, etc) for a long time to read my silo feeds, which work well. they let me cheat and still use the silo UXes to manage my (siloed) friend graphs, but consume the content in my feed reader. one step at a time!

    on the replies side, i currently use salmon-unofficial to backfeed my own site, but it’s flaky and brittle. i’m working on making Bridgy 1) accept webmentioned replies against siloed posts (e.g. tweets) and POSSE them into the silos, and more importantly 2) generate webmentions for replies that originate inside silos and serve those replies as microformatted HTML so the recipient can close the loop. existing indieweb projects already support 1 to a degree, but 2 will be somewhat new, so i’m excited about that.


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  2. Marcus Povey

    Thanks Barnaby!

    I’ve not really got into it with PuSH 0.4, my last look at it was when it was still tied to ATOM, so it might be worth a look. As Julien points out, wheel re-invention should be avoided, although I think the use case here is slightly different.

    Running this as a different service would certainly work, although it doesn’t solve the thundering herd of MF2 parsers hitting your site… although I guess that’d be indistinguishable from a regular spike in traffic, and could be handled with standard technologies. I doubt, at this stage, we really have to over think it!