1. Finally decided that symfony Security component is way too complicated for my little , so ditching it — but I’ve learnt a lot from digging through it and my further efforts will try to provide some of the amazing flexibility it gives whilst being more performant and easier to understand #php

  2. Made some updates to my note autolinking flow — instead of lots of unstable regexes, only one runs now (courtesy of cassis) and the rest manipulate the XML–compatible HTML which results. Much more robust, much more extendable

  3. I got tired of WPSM looking and working the way it does (I wrote it when I was 13 and learning PHP), so I’ve taken the data and started building the Music module. Live here. Major but already looking and working better than the old one!

  4. superfeedr: @BarnabyWalters Thanks Barnaby :) [Also, I could not log into your site with indieAuth :/]

    superfeedr yeah, there’s a weird bug where logging in only works the second time round — I haven’t fixed it yet as I rarely have to log in! At the mo there is little benefit to others logging in but I may add private content/collaborative features in the future. Crowd-sourced typo fixing FTW ;)

  5. Brennan Novak: @BarnabyWalters oddly, I can see the "feed" at http://t.co/WgT3df6Q just not the unique Note URL

    Brennan Novak thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t realised the bug was happening on notes as well. Not sure what caused it, might have been an upgrade to some security code I use

  6. I just fixed a bug which prevented non-authenticated users from reading my articles. Sorry about that, should all work again now!

  7. Just pushed a weeks worth of local development live, requiring only 30 sec of fixing to make everything shiny and working again. I love git!

  8. Essentially, my previous design had reached local maximum, so I’m going back to basics.

    I’ve decided it’s important that styling doesn’t fight or contradict markup, so I’m hoping that adding it progressively only where it is needed will make my code more maintainable.

  9. Got a lot of work done on my publishing software today. This is in preparation to using it on a friend’s site, then releasing all the components into the public. Exciting stuff!

  10. …and with a mere ~160 lines of code changed (including very little markup), I am much, much happier with the overall aesthetic.

  11. Decided I’m sick of my current site design, but that with a few very small changes I can make it look a whole lot better. Woo design iteration!

  12. Aaron Parecki: Looking at #opensource alternatives to Google Analytics. Anybody tried http://t.co/JCWexJnD or... #indieweb http://t.co/GKonCjpC

    Aaron Parecki I use and enjoy Piwik. Real-time analytics is great and the API can be really useful too. In fact I don’t use it as much as I’d like to.

  13. FInally, I have some relatively sensible pagination. /notes returns last 10 days by default, single days can be specified with ?day=YYYY-MM-DD or ?day=YYYY-DDD