1. Current Walters discussion: what is more useful when job seeking, GCSEs or cake-making ability (demonstrated through providing the potential employer with a cake to try)

  2. Me: “Yes, that is a tool called Github, with an octopus-cat hybrid as a logo. It’s one of the best tools which has been created, I use it every day"

    Brother: “I am scared”

  3. My family has decided to spend the evening watching twilight as an… education. Am I the only one who finds it bloody hilarious?

  4. OH

    “If we had velcro on every surface we could stick egg goo to the walls” Jesse Woodward

    I’m not sure you’re really visualising the full potential of this innovation…

  5. Brother: “What is that piece of music”? Me: “It’s not music, it’s the @boagworld podcast”. Brother: “Whats’s that?” Me: “It’s some middle-aged men talking about web design” Brother: “NOOOOOOOOOOOO”