1. Drew McLellan: @BarnabyWalters She has 4 external HDs, Time Machine and a nightly SuperDuper job scheduled :)

    drewm nice! I was actually talking about rsyncing between MBP, HD and school computers if they’re Macs — saved me a whole lotta time

  2. Drew McLellan: Pimping out my daughter's new MBP with 16GB RAM. That should make her GCSE Photography project work a bit less tiresome.

    drewm if my recent experience with GCSE photography is anything to go by, an external HD and a knowledge of rsync will be v. useful too :)

  3. Jovian Salak: The tool for my latest project - 1978 'Kiev A' - made in the USSR! Really complicated to use! But that's part of it... http://t.co/csHDG9UD

    joviansalak beautiful piece of kit! Have I seen that one before?

  4. Tom Morris: @BarnabyWalters and now I can indie-reply too. Maybe. 21:28 on 2012-12-25

    tommorris yay! I feel honoured you've taken the time to install it on Christmas Day :) So does ferocity send/receive pingbacks? Next step is to stop relying on twitter for reply/notification infrastructure.

  5. Just watched The Hunger Games for the first time. Initial impressions are that my imagined versions of Haymitch and Snow are way better than the actors. Their Snow is far too old and beardy. Other than that it’s not too bad at all. Looking forward to the next ones.

  6. I absolutely love Averia, and use it all over my personal website. I think it is a wonderful idea, brilliantly executed. The result is surprisingly readable, and the slight “erosion” effect reminds me a lot of very early type. Many thanks for making these fonts and licensing them so freely :)

  7. Aral Balkan: I just love rail travel in the UK. You meet the most interesting people. Today I met drunk guy drinking beer and coughing on me.

    aral my fondest memory of rail travel is when I got stuck in a train toilet and the nice men with crowbars had to rip it off to get me out. Some nice royal marines offered me beer (I was 13)