1. Anna Debenham in your style guide researches, have you come across any great open source project styleguides? I’m looking into making myself more design-accountable for a project I’m releasing soon.

  2. Twitter’s “you only see replies from people you follow if you also follow the target of the reply” model is quite fascinating because it means that, within a particular community, the number of tweets you see is not directly proportional to the number of people you follow. It’s probably square or cubic, perhaps I’ll model it and see.

  3. .Brennan Novak yeah, it’s like driving — the ability to concentrate on your overall journey, the road in the distance, the road ahead, the road directly in front of you, the road behind and all the various controls at the same time.

  4. Building a document templating and styling system in . Been meaning to do this for a long time, finally the awkwardness of using indesign for my contracts, invoices and estimates has become too stupid

  5. For all his smugness and misrepresentation, I’m actually really impressed with Howard Goodall’s conclusion to the Story of Music. In particular the closing segment, where he satisfyingly sums up the history of in about four sentences.

    Most of the series was moderately interesting historical info, but concluding by linking the advent of the Play button to Bach’s notation style is quite profound.