1. Made some updates to my note autolinking flow — instead of lots of unstable regexes, only one runs now (courtesy of cassis) and the rest manipulate the XML–compatible HTML which results. Much more robust, much more extendable

  2. Aral Balkan: So http : // twitter . com / @aral (sans spaces, of course) is a valid URL. If clients used it as a mention we’d have fully-qualified names.

    Aral Balkan current rough consensus is to use URLs as nouns, pingback (or webmention) as notification infrastructure.

    Personally I am doing some rather more complex stuff where I author notes using @-names, which get parsed by @cassisjs into .h-x-username twitter.com-linked anchors, then I transform those into .h-card’s with data either from my contacts DB (at the mo mirrored from my personal CardDAV share) or from the identengine.com API for people I don’t know. Then all the links in a note get sent pingbacks.

    Fat chance of twitter implementing that though ;)

  3. Jovian Salak: @BarnabyWalters It's like cheese - all it takes is a couple of drops of lemon, and BOOM, milk becomes curds! Okay, maybe not best e.g...

    Jovian Salak “BOOM”? I would be concerned if milk made that noise when mixed with lemon!

  4. Just had my first truly nerve wracking driving experience. A car pulled out of a give way in front of me (they could clearly see me). I started to slow but realised I would hit them — sped up at the last moment and missed them by about 30cm.

  5. John Nye: People that have implemented PubSubHubbub in their feeds, do you push just to the http://t.co/8HAlj65nyf? or others? Or use RSSCloud?

    john_nye I use the appspot server (for the moment — it doesn’t handle HTML)

  6. This evening’s project: quoting UIs. Why they suck or for some reason do not exist, research into existing ones (found a nice github example) and silo equivalents.