1. Dad wants me to take photos of the Icelandic… glaciers, geysers, volcanoes, northern lights, mountains, beautiful desolation supermarkets. Seriously.

  2. Got the last few bits of rubbish out of what was my workshop, saw Jovian Salak (have fun in Nepal!), packed most of my luggage and got all the bits of paper required to get to Iceland together. Leaving tomorrow at 12 noon, flight at 8 in the evening. Probably spending the hours at the airport watching studio ghibli films.

    , and all that good stuff.

  3. Turns out that performing a GET request on a data URI from PHP works if file_get_contents is used, not if cURL is used. I wonder what support is like for other server side languages — using data URIs in with could be the basis of some interesting .

  4. Laurent Eschenauer: @BarnabyWalters On this note, there is a quote too much on the 'in reply to' link: http://t.co/SbTJY1bYPn -> breaks your pingback ?

    Laurent Eschenauer thanks for the heads-up, on closer inspection it looks like the problem is on your end — the URL in the with attribute of the action element has that quote at the end

  5. Jovian Salak: @BarnabyWalters Oh no! bad luck bro, I'm sure there'll be work when you get back ;)

    Jovian Salak thanks :) If anything it means I’m more likely to get work when I get back — people are starting to find me, which can only be a good thing.

  6. Good grief, I should have known that in the week before I go to , and I’m packing up my workshop, I’d get loads of emails about work :/ Politely turning them all down and suggesting alternatives until I get back.

  7. Holed myself into my bedroom, now trying to watch spirited away on my iPad, surrounded by gurdies, half finished guitars and lutherie equipment. Eating cake and listening to Oscar flute in the other room.

  8. Is it a hallmark of Ghibli films that I don't remember the actual storyline, just small, nonsensical plot details — I.E. exactly the opposite of how remembering is supposed to work?