1. Robin Andrews that’s the idea :) Use it for sarcasm, jokes, logging, diary, short conversations, political statements, quotes, links… just not conversation :) IRC/XMPP is better for that

  2. Laura Kalbag: My life is so much better since I forced Mail.app to copy 'email@emailaddress.com' rather than '<Full Name email@emailaddress.com>'

    Laura Kalbag just the other day I was thinking that applications should accept those strings as valid email addresses, and parse them as such

  3. Brennan Novak: @BarnabyWalters ahh, glad you're staying @KexHostel as it is rawesome and cozy. I suggest eating downstairs, it's really tasty!

    Brennan Novak yeah, KEX is great. I had breakfast downstairs on the first day, but I’m kinda short on cash right now so DIYing all food :)

  4. for an augmented sense useful for musicians: add the ability to hear whether or not a note is in tune. Not sure how best to implement this — some sort of kinetic feedback system would be the most straightforward, but doesn’t seem true to it’s purpose in the same way that the belt buzzing north does.

    How about a small speaker on the shoulder/in a hat which plays a very quiet A 440hz — then use the beats to judge whether or not the note is in tune.

    Possible problems: might only work adequately for A and related notes (E, maybe D), might be irritating to have a constant sound — like artificial tinnitus. Also irritating if notes which the wearer doesn’t control are slightly out of tune! Probably the most simple solution is to allow the sound to be toggled quickly and easily.

  5. Hm, the “people thinking that I’m 25” thing is happening a bit too regularly. Can't decide whether this is a good thing, or to trim the beard.

  6. Fascinating — Konrad Lorenz compares cultural revolution with exoskeleton-clad Arthropods shedding their shells:

    The act of demolishing carefully erected structures, though indispensable if better adapted ones are to arise, is always followed by a period of vulnerability.

    On Aggression