1. Long shower queue at today, so I spent the time coming up with a better way of counting on fingers. Binary is not very ergonomic, my way is more limited but still gets you up to 99 using only fingers as state, and potentially 399 using arms as state too.

  2. Robin Andrews that’s the idea :) Use it for sarcasm, jokes, logging, diary, short conversations, political statements, quotes, links… just not conversation :) IRC/XMPP is better for that

  3. Laura Kalbag: My life is so much better since I forced Mail.app to copy 'email@emailaddress.com' rather than '<Full Name email@emailaddress.com>'

    Laura Kalbag just the other day I was thinking that applications should accept those strings as valid email addresses, and parse them as such

  4. Brennan Novak: @BarnabyWalters ahh, glad you're staying @KexHostel as it is rawesome and cozy. I suggest eating downstairs, it's really tasty!

    Brennan Novak yeah, KEX is great. I had breakfast downstairs on the first day, but I’m kinda short on cash right now so DIYing all food :)