1. Aral Balkan: Deleted tweets shouldn’t be deleted; they should be shown as deleted. The content is already out there. It is the _intention_ that matters.

    Aral Balkan there’s been a lot of discussion recently about deletion of content — some documented here: indiewebcamp.com/deleted and indiewebcamp.com/POSSE#Delete

    E.G. if I’ve replied to one of your notes/tweets and stored a reply context so even if your copy goes down my content still makes sense, but you delete the original — should I delete it, devaluing my own content? Should I mark it as changed or deleted?

  2. Seb Lee-Delisle: So @StraightPrideUK thinks that publishing answers to interview questions is harassment. I don’t think they understand what harassment is.

    @seb_ly also kinda hilarious that they threaten to “print out” reposts. Tempted to alter my print styles to give them a little surprise…

  3. Some of my favourite humour comes from the dissonance created when maths and dry, scientific language is used to analyse creative license. This is a classic example:


    I love trying to introspect humour, attempting to articulate exactly what it is about something which makes it so funny. In this case I think it stems from the fact that the source material was intended to be passively consumed. At first, the presenter defies this intention by deconstructing the physics involved — a form of intense seeing.

    This on its own might be moderately amusing, but instead of simply saying “this is not possible”, he actually acknowledges the original intention and assumes that it must be possible (“I saw it on TV, it must be true!”).

    I think the humour here comes from the fact that, despite clearly having the skills to debunk the animation, he barely even acknowledges that he has that choice, and instead changes his own understanding of the show to make it fit (e.g. the ponies are made of dark matter).

  4. Aral Balkan: Mark the dates: the 2nd IndieWebCampUK is taking place in Brighton on the 7th & 8th of September. http://t.co/Vq5OSdzgoh

    Aral Balkan just booking my flights+accommodation etc., any news RE the design workshop you mentioned? Would be handy to know if solidified so I can adjust travel plans :)

  5. Fresh out of the oven: Kanilsnúðar!

    They’re a little small, I think I need to make double quantities next time! Or, roll the dough thicker and make fewer.

    I followed this recipe. The Hjartasalt really does puff them up nicely!