1. Ben Werdmuller: What's the #indieweb / #microformats friendly take on infinite scroll? Sick of my prev / next buttons.

    @benwerd my take: use rel=next/prev[ious] (like inter-post nav) then progressively enhance, make sure you’re not making people play “catch the footer” :)

  2. Tantek Çelik: #indieweb @zeldman you can now Reply (and Favorite and Retweet) from notes on my site. No backbutton needed. Figuring out how to enable such "web actions" from indieweb site to indieweb site, and not just from my site to Twitter, was the bigger challenge (UX and markup). I implemented these #webactions for all my notes past, present, and future, during an @IndieWebCampUK session today: * etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-webactions * indiewebcamp.com/webactions#Tantek

    Tantek Çelik wow, how many years between feature request and implementation? Must be a record!

  3. Jovian Salak: @BarnabyWalters I'd watch out, you and your articles on school receptions! http://t.co/nTR8ROBlBj

    Jovian Salak good god that is hideous. Why do people think this kind of censorship is effective, acceptable or in any way rational? That head appears to be abusing his power and certainly deserves the scrutiny his students put him under.

  4. Aral Balkan: @BarnabyWalters It’s up :) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :) http://t.co/i3aivZq6L6

    Aral Balkan there’s some excellent+useful constructive criticism in there! I think you’re still misunderstanding the problem being solved and why indieauth evolved to work the way it does, as the solutions you suggest are in fact a big part of the problem. We wrote up a collaborative point-by-point response to your article here: indiewebcamp.com/On_Evolving_IndieAuth_Followup, which hopefully explains things better than I did previously.

  5. Scott Jenson: @BarnabyWalters FYI, this is how your tweet looks. I realize *why* of course but this feels only 50% POSSE http://t.co/dBGiKU0Rqi

    @scottjenson also, without wanting to sound rude, you lecturing me about the quality of my POSSEd notes would be a lot more convincing if you were POSSEing notes (and thus running into these challenges) yourself :)

  6. Scott Jenson: @BarnabyWalters FYI, this is how your tweet looks. I realize *why* of course but this feels only 50% POSSE http://t.co/dBGiKU0Rqi

    @scottjenson referring to the truncation? I know what you mean, I made the conscious decision to ignore the length of truncated copies of my content as I didn’t want what felt like an unnecessary limitation of Twitter limiting my self-expression.

    Others (Tantek Çelik in particular) care more about the quality of their POSSEd notes, and build UIs which inform them when their notes go over tweet- or retweet-safe lengths. This is one of the places diversity of implementations helps us experiment without having to argue about stuff :)

    One interesting alternative is to spread the content of notes which are too long for a tweet over several tweets, but that leads to all sorts of weird directionality changes, potential for them to be interrupted, extra permalinks, etc.