1. : Use <form action="." method="post"> for RESTful /collectionname/new forms if collectionname cannot be hard–coded. Saves loading backend routing config into the front end when it’s not required

  2. As of today I renounce twitter bootstrap. I will take inspiration from it as I take inspiration from other work, but I will no longer use any of it’s code.

  3. Haven’t heard that one before :

    The site is set to be viewed at 1024x768 minimum resolution. Please press your 'F11' key now if you are using a lesser resolution. Thank you

  4. Designing a poster in HTML (for compatibility). It’s relaxing to not have to deal with fluid design. body { width: 210mm; height: 297mm; }

  5. Me: “Yes, that is a tool called Github, with an octopus-cat hybrid as a logo. It’s one of the best tools which has been created, I use it every day"

    Brother: “I am scared”

  6. Andrew Clarke: If I get time this week, I’ll write a user stylesheet for @DuckDuckGo that makes it look lovely. Been meaning to redesign it for a while.

    @malarkey you’re not going to do away with the duck, are you? Look into the duck’s eyes. YOU CANNOT TRUST IT.

  7. Security component is a beast. Once I’ve got it sorted, there’s a BIG tutorial on it’s way. The symfony components have taught me a huge amount, so improving their documentation the least I can do.