1. Got a lot of work done on my publishing software today. This is in preparation to using it on a friend’s site, then releasing all the components into the public. Exciting stuff!

  2. …and with a mere ~160 lines of code changed (including very little markup), I am much, much happier with the overall aesthetic.

  3. Decided I’m sick of my current site design, but that with a few very small changes I can make it look a whole lot better. Woo design iteration!

  4. Aaron Parecki: Looking at #opensource alternatives to Google Analytics. Anybody tried http://t.co/JCWexJnD or... #indieweb http://t.co/GKonCjpC

    Aaron Parecki I use and enjoy Piwik. Real-time analytics is great and the API can be really useful too. In fact I don’t use it as much as I’d like to.

  5. FInally, I have some relatively sensible pagination. /notes returns last 10 days by default, single days can be specified with ?day=YYYY-MM-DD or ?day=YYYY-DDD

  6. Analytics reporting one visitor refreshing the top sites preview page over two thousand times. It’s not even that good!

  7. Was planning to add support for HTTP-DNT to my site. Found that safari sends DNT even when you explicitly deselect it. Aborting.

  8. Implemented #microformats 2 on my site. Conflicted about redundant classnames, but mf2 likely to have greater longevity

  9. I can’t build an #indieweb backfeed system that uses Facebook because I’m under 18. That is protecting my privacy? Crap.

  10. Going through my database, changing everything to UTF8-general-ci. It’s embarrassing how many are set to swedish.