1. Tantek Çelik: "Which high school did you go to?" "Which city did you grow up in?" #Security Qs? No, #Facebook profile prompts. #fail (ttk.me t4Nj5)

    Tantek Çelik I ignored city, as it’s so often used that I see it as synonymous for town/village (a shorter version of “settlement” perhaps), but the high school/university ones got on my nerves. Ended up ignoring high school (what even is that) and put Totnes School of Guitarmaking for “university”

  2. Current Walters discussion: what is more useful when job seeking, GCSEs or cake-making ability (demonstrated through providing the potential employer with a cake to try)

  3. @fraying I'd be fascinated to know if you have any process for handling fighter deaths at cutefight? A morbid interest sure, but it’s going to happen and was wondering if you had some special way to handle it? Virtual funeral/gravestone where former competitors can pay their respects, for example?