1. For all his smugness and misrepresentation, I’m actually really impressed with Howard Goodall’s conclusion to the Story of Music. In particular the closing segment, where he satisfyingly sums up the history of in about four sentences.

    Most of the series was moderately interesting historical info, but concluding by linking the advent of the Play button to Bach’s notation style is quite profound.

  2. Aral Balkan: By the way, quite a few examples of the male gaze (http://t.co/fRk67WPvjz) in those jokes. See if you can spot them. http://t.co/PolrjpK8YM

    Aral Balkan I was just reading those and thinking “I’m surprised Aral’s shared this — then again perhaps it’s some kind of test”

  3. Playing with some of blekko’s algorithmic slashtags. /people seems broken (almost never returns any results, not entirely sure what it’s for. /blog seems a bit broken (compare: web actions with web actions /blog — first contains far more relevant results). Looking forward to hopefully getting API access so I can autogenerate slashtags from my XFN.

  4. Well, that was a successful rehearsal. Come see the real thing! 3rd March, 2:30 at Kingkerswell Parish Church. Tickets £5 on the door.

  5. Tantek Çelik: "Which high school did you go to?" "Which city did you grow up in?" #Security Qs? No, #Facebook profile prompts. #fail (ttk.me t4Nj5)

    Tantek Çelik I ignored city, as it’s so often used that I see it as synonymous for town/village (a shorter version of “settlement” perhaps), but the high school/university ones got on my nerves. Ended up ignoring high school (what even is that) and put Totnes School of Guitarmaking for “university”