1. Need to use require.js to load a bunch of scripts compiled via assetic into a PHP file, annoyed by auto-append of .js, don’t want to set up irritating routing? Add a ? to the URL, require.js will add a .js to the query string, loading the file correctly.

  2. Moved in to my more permanent apartment. It feels strange to move my stuff into a room rich with the owners identity — photos, clothes, book/film collection.

  3. Jovian Salak: @BarnabyWalters Not sure they're working you hard enough in Iceland! (Maybe they should pay you in coffee!)

    Jovian Salak not working me hard enough? Why’dyou say that? :)

    Sounds like you’re seeing some bloodthirsty stuff at the “festival” :/

  4. Spent ~3 hrs with the office arduino+ethernet shield and my old favourite pyo and I’ve got a light/flex controlled synthesiser over OSC. I dread to think how many weeks it would have taken me to implement this on a PIC.

  5. It's a myth that teaching something is the best way to learn. Rather, being able to teach something is an excellent measure of your understanding of it, and the act of teaching forces you to reframe your knowledge in ways you may not have tried before, exposing gaps in your knowledge.

    Like everything else, teaching is a tool.