1. Approximately 17248 today – approximate because the pedometer cut out half way through, so I’m taking the afternoon’s reading and doubling it. Although most of the morning’s steps count as extra anyway, as they were going up a mountain.

  2. Sandeep Shetty: @BarnabyWalters So you have 3 types of tags (from an interface perspective): note body, meta data (visible) & machine tags (invisible)?

    sandeepshetty yep, this is certainly something I need to document on the wiki.

    In fact most of the machine tags were a hack to add schemaless data to my MySQL-managed schema, but as I move to flat files + ad hoc indexes I might migrate some of my machine tags to “real” data — it’s not like they’re doing much good where they are at the moment.

    The main benefit is easy editing — I just use my tag editing UI instead of building another UI for each different bit of data.

  3. Another website “disabling” right click and replacing it with an obnoxious “These photos are copyright” dialog. I know that. Let me right click them.

    In actual fact, in this particular case, I was right clicking to determine the final display size of the image, which was less than half of the 1200x1600px monstrosity requested by the page.

  4. Sandeep Shetty: Anyone using/used/implemented machine tags (triple tags)? Are they worth it? #indieweb

    sandeepshetty add .json to the end of any of my note URLs and have a look in the tags array — or in the source (hidden by default) to see how I use them. I added location data to this note so you can see the tags I use for that.

  5. 15071 today — potentially inaccurate as the pedometer cut out in the evening, but I read 11500 before, 3071 after and estimate 500 between.

  6. Sandeep Shetty: .@BarnabyWalters Oxymoron: "Ghost is a Node.js application... which means it can run pretty much anywhere" http://t.co/6pkZMQrqg7 #indieweb

    sandeepshetty mm, I hope they chose node.js over (for example) PHP due to it’s strong points, not because of PHP’s limitations. That’s certainly not how it comes across in their blog post :/

  7. Just realised that I haven’t turned on the TV for a month. Instead been walking, making things, watching films, reading. Feels good.

  8. tryghost.org looks interesting from an point of view, but if they are so open, where is the code? Where is the CC-0 documentation? Why does clicking “Try It” pop up a modal asking you to give them money (dark pattern, much?) — if it’s so open, be honest!

    It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.