1. Jovian Salak: @BarnabyWalters I'm a very happy guy! #Portfolio's arrived! But I do need an online one too! [See last tweet] http://t.co/y0v5PN63oN

    Jovian Salak wow, looks beautiful! I’m working on it :)

  2. Sandeep Shetty: @BarnabyWalters So you have 3 types of tags (from an interface perspective): note body, meta data (visible) & machine tags (invisible)?

    sandeepshetty yep, this is certainly something I need to document on the wiki.

    In fact most of the machine tags were a hack to add schemaless data to my MySQL-managed schema, but as I move to flat files + ad hoc indexes I might migrate some of my machine tags to “real” data — it’s not like they’re doing much good where they are at the moment.

    The main benefit is easy editing — I just use my tag editing UI instead of building another UI for each different bit of data.

  3. Sandeep Shetty: Anyone using/used/implemented machine tags (triple tags)? Are they worth it? #indieweb

    sandeepshetty add .json to the end of any of my note URLs and have a look in the tags array — or in the source (hidden by default) to see how I use them. I added location data to this note so you can see the tags I use for that.

  4. Sandeep Shetty: .@BarnabyWalters Oxymoron: "Ghost is a Node.js application... which means it can run pretty much anywhere" http://t.co/6pkZMQrqg7 #indieweb

    sandeepshetty mm, I hope they chose node.js over (for example) PHP due to it’s strong points, not because of PHP’s limitations. That’s certainly not how it comes across in their blog post :/

  5. Aaron Parecki woah, brilliant! Love the fact you're self hosting video too — what’s your workflow for that? I was thinking of building a mandrill-backed email inbox for photo and video upload so I can post from iOS really easily