1. Aaron Parecki: A demonstration of Original Post Discovery http://indiewebcamp.com/original-post-discovery #indieweb http://aaronparecki.com/files/original-post-discovery.mp4

    Aaron Parecki I just got original post discovery working too — and with any luck this post will successfully POSSE the reply to twitter (something I’ve been faking so far).

  2. Aral Balkan: @aaronpk Both. I believe part of the problem is that the rel link didn’t work for Twitter (t.co?) when I tried it first (seems to be now).

    Aral Balkan sounds like your old links from when twitter’s t.co broke everything (now fixed) were cached the first time you tried — I think Aaron Parecki is adding “last fetched” indicator to make such bugs easier to detect and get round. Also your email address has relme, so you should be able to log in using Persona — yay multiple providers.

  3. My take on generic prev/next controls on keyup, using only bean for events, based on previous work by Aaron Parecki and Tantek Çelik:

    // Generic prev/next navigation on arrow key press
    bean.on(document.body, 'keyup', function (e) {
      var prevEl, nextEl;
      if (document.activeElement !== document.body) return;
      if (e.metaKey || e.ctrlKey || e.altKey || e.shiftKey) return;
      if (e.keyCode === 37) {
        prevEl = document.querySelector('[rel~=previous]');
        if (prevEl) bean.fire(prevEl, 'click');
      } else if (e.keyCode === 39) {
        nextEl = document.querySelector('[rel~=next]');
        if (nextEl) bean.fire(nextEl, 'click');
  4. Hugo Roy: @BarnabyWalters OK. BTW Taproot looks amazing, well done! but what's the indieauth for? I can auth but then, what can i do?

    @hugoroyd thanks! Currently indieauth login is just for me to post stuff, in the future I’ll use it to implement private content e.g. private notes, enhanced checkin resolution, maybe even spelling corrections :) Comments only accepted via indieweb commenting

  5. Hugo Roy: @BarnabyWalters @ar i'm curious how you get suggestions from ddg.gg (just testing the comments and indieauth)

    @hugoroyd I don’t actually get suggestions from DDG, the suggestions are from Google, but my search goes through DDG. Thinking about it, this probably actually negates many privacy benefits and I should turn it off.

  6. Ben Werdmuller: Government - the last great gatekeeper - is ripe for disruption.

    The first is to publicly declare the jurisdiction in which you live, and in which your data is hosted. That way, people can make an informed decision about how to communicate with you.

    That’s a really brilliant idea. Maybe link the brand names to their tosdr.org pages too.

  7. Ben Werdmuller: Indieweb video test

    @benwerd nice one! I’m currently working on video post-by-email. It almost worked here, next time should work flawlessly.

    The nice thing about using email to post videos is that it’s asyncronous — I can send the email and then go do something else, instead of having to either wait for it to upload or do the “if I switch apps now will it stop uploading argh what do I do” dance.