1. Happy 2017! Here’s what Emilyn Stam (fb) and I got up to as the year changed:


    Emilyn Stam (5 string fiddle) and Barnaby Walters (hurdy gurdy) playing some tunes in the basement at Folk Marathon 2016 Tübingen. 2016 changed into 2017 half way through the third tune (in our timezone, at least).

    High Park Schottisch (John David Williams)
    Squat Waltz (Barnaby Walters)
    Kathryn’s Yellow Schottisch (Emilyn Stam)

  2. Not sure what to think of Heathrow Bus Station “Welcome” branding post-brexit… I find the toilet signage much more convincing

    CBS Toilet Void

    What horrors lie within? Cursed be those who poop into the toilet void

  3. Deb Chachra: Every time I re-read Terry Pratchett, I find new ways that he articulated or shaped my worldview. https://instagram.com/p/BNXJvcGB9tv/

    @debcha yes yes yes! books which keep on giving; with every re-read, they reflect or highlight something new depending on what’s happening in my life/what I’ve learned since reading them the last time. Rare works which are not only great in themselves, or a great mirror of the reader, but both simultaneously

  4. Barnaby Walters: typical Barnaby 01:00 insanity: implementing a patch browser and window manager in #puredata with weeeird semi-documented metaprogramming

    For those unfamiliar with , the equivalent in python would be creating a script which, in order to get user input, writes another python script containing a reference to the first, which, when run by the user, sends its output back to the first script. Which then launches another python process (based on the results of the first sub-script), and manages it’s status.

    It’s a programming paradigm which makes absolutely no sense in any other environment, but in puredata is surprisingly elegant — a pleasant side-effect of the programming environment and end-user environment being effectively the same.

    Btw, this is the first experimental step towards the most exciting project idea I’ve had in quite some time… watch this space!

  5. Aaron Parecki: What happened to the old one?

    @aaronpk classic case of uneducated, path-of-least-resistance response to time-pressurised tech problem :/ saw key was expired, wanted to fix it, didn’t know only public keys expire not private ones, no obvious public key renewal UI flow in GPGTools UI, so made a new keypair. I suppose I’m stuck with the new one now as I revoked the old one. It’s a pity, as I actually got a few people to sign my old key, not that that seems to have a practical use case…?

  6. From “Millennials and the Ruins of Romance” (@ztsamudzi being amazing, as always):

    ”Romance—as dictated by dominant ideas and driven by the desires to peddle consumer goods like household appliances on carefully constructed family units—is an impossible-to-redeem mode of understanding love and intimacy and human interaction taught to us by capitalism.”

    I would respond to

    “We generally want to feel lovable, desirable, worthy, and seen, and we are taught that our ability to be any of these things comes, most importantly, from romantic partners. So why wouldn’t young people, in a period of increasingly relentless demands made by late capitalism, use the resources they have at their disposal to feel these intimacies and desirabilities as frequently as possible?”

    with: yes, most of us are taught that, constantly, from all directions. That we are taught, however, is the point: it is a learned behaviour which can be unlearned.

    Using the resources given to us by late capitalism to fulfill the needs bought about by late capitalism is all well and good, and I agree that for people to complain that the result is “millennials ruining romance” is ridiculous. But at least for me, the beginning of a constructive solution is to step outside of this system. Start to purposefully unlearn these associations, disassociate self-worth from romantic/sexual relationships, and consciously relate in ways not based on insecurity and love scarcity.

  7. Joschi Kuphal 吉: Wrapping up a very productive @indiewebcamp Berlin 2016 w/ a lovely bunch of people pic.twitter.com/sFfL45VN0n

    @jkphl sounds like you had a great time! Sad I couldn’t make it this time, other projects got in the way. Definitely want to attend/help organise IWC stuff in Germany in the future!

  8. if ordering rotary switches from Digikey, most of the ones they stock are adjustable (even if marked as fixed in the product description), so if the switch doesn’t seem to rotate to all of the positions, try taking the nut off and removing the index washer. I just received two supposedly “fixed-index” 12 pole switches which only rotated to 11 positions. Turns out they were actually adjustable and worked fine.

  9. Anyone trying to email me using my gmail account: I don’t know where you found that address, but I never use it and almost never log in, so it’s not a good way to reach me. barnaby@waterpigs.co.uk remaims my only active personal email address.

  10. Hey @askpaypal, your entire website and support system is broken, and I’ve received no response to my complaints about it for almost a week now. In case you need reminding:

    • the documentation about removing a debit card (https://www.paypal.com/gb/selfhelp/article/How-do-I-add-or-remove-a-debit-credit-card-FAQ1389/1) is wrong, there is no “Remove” option on the page it specifies.
    • the “Add Bank Account” functionality is broken, giving me only a vague error message for days now:

    • Your UK freephone number consistently doesn’t work, when I try to call it I just get “This number is not recognised”

    • Many links to help topics from within your own web UI are broken, leading to a “this help topic no longer exists” error page

    When are you going to fix these obvious, basic problems? When am I going to get a response to my complaints? When can I get my money out of your obviously broken system? Why do I have to post about this on my own website/twitter to try to get a response out of you?