1. Just recorded beautiful resonant thunder, strong peaks @ 1kHz 2kHz, consistent throughout whole storm, any idea what could be causing this?

  2. “I take off my glasses & there it is: absolute beauty, surrounded by a sea of lovely analogue blur… and that proximity to something, or more importantly; someone, carries with it an intimacy, the instinct of which is far more important & emotionally valuable than any premeditated intent”

    Tim Prebble on lenses and myopia, Lens vs Microphone (& why i love myopia)

  3. Not a bad view for a European tanzimpro workshop!

    Thanks to everyone who came, and to the organisers of Vaka for inviting me. Hope to be back next year!

  4. Words are souls.

    They are ourselves, extracted from our bodies, and they live forever.

    After death we speak through words. It is the only way — but a potent way. Words live. They are real things in the world, and readers are not a passive audience, they are champions who take these words, our clues and promises, and with them shape the world. It is this, more than anything else, that Ghostwriter illuminates.

    Words can touch you — physically alter your body — raise hairs at the nape, hollow the gut, send shivers shoulder to toe — and does this not change our understanding of presence and absence?

    I have written these things and you have read them, you have felt my touch, and there is no distance between us at all.

    From Abbey Fenbert’s The Pitch Meeting for Ghostwriter. I love The Toast.

  5. ✅ got up early
    ✅ prepared for camping, musicing and dancing
    ✅ watered plants
    ✅ fed pigs
    ✅ ate breakfast
    ✅ proofread potential Nature article, including the example phrase “the supernatural soup manifested itself in a bowl”
    ✅ rolled tyres around
    ✅ showed mill-mate how to operate the pump
    ✅ organised more food

    can we pleeeasse go to klangrauschtreffen now