1. Quite disgusted by the sales copy on sen.se/store/mother — an interesting idea creepily presented. What’s the physical metaphor for the “mother” itself? Or does it end up being just a weird looking ornament, awkwardly placed within ethernet-cable distance of the home router?

  2. now sports a composite homepage feed, meaning it’s not just notes which show up on the homepage, but also articles and music!

    Next up: breaking out various post types which I’ve been overloading notes to create, e.g. checkins, audio, photo, into their own things, remove the ability to create “named notes” (that was a stupid, yet well styled, idea) and figure out what to do with all the old notes which should actually be in other categories. Auto-detecting which templates to use for them should be easy enough, but I doubt I’ll be able to move them all into their new homes.

    All that old content will have to stay as notes for the purpose of URLs and querying, but in at least some cases can be styled better. Overall I’m comfortable with this, as it leaves history (and, more importantly, URLs) untouched without compromising the reading experience too much.

  3. Playing around with plan9.bell-labs.com/plan9 on the . It seems that old Apple keyboard+mouse are not supported even via a USB hub, but Dell USB keyboard and mouse are even without kbargs=-b in the config file.

    I’ve also had no success just formatting the SD card and dragging the image on, whereas unmounting it, then using dd to transfer the image works perfectly.

    It’s rather an intriguing operating system which I think will reward further study. Next steps:

    • Get a working kbd+mouse so I can play with it at home
    • Get it connected to a network
    • Connect it to a mac via drawterm and try using it as a visual terminal and mounting the filesystems on each other
    • Installing it on multiple Pis and connecting them together, to share processing power or memory or something

  4. Jack Way: So to upload a profile pic I had to use gravatar which meant I had to choose a unique wordpress blog url. To whom does this make sense?

    @Jack_Way such nonsense is why my github profile photo stubbornly remains geometric shapes. I already gave them my URL, just get the favicon or parse the h-card photo out instead of using SPOF silo.

  5. Just as I was getting all excited about the price of , it’s dropped down again.

    So the plan now is to buy thousands of dollars worth of DOGE, then go looking for more bobsled teams in need of some funds…

  6. Last night’s @hakkavelin mutilation repair work worked perfectly! I now have a rather nice sounding electro-acoustic hurdy gurdy.

    Next steps: wire up the internal microphone, put a plate over the hole in the back, fit the raspberry pi and power supply.

  7. Sad news about the George Sand committee on rencontresdeluthiers.org — I don’t know exactly what this means for Chateau d’Ars but I’m assuming it’s either not going to continue, or will continue in a diminished form.

    Attending for the first time last year was one of the most intense and enjoyable trips I’ve ever been on, filled with wonderful instruments, music and even more amazing people. Whatever happens to the festival, those things will remain.

  8. Igor Wiedler: @BarnabyWalters regarding your #stackphp question, I believe this answers it: https://github.com/stackphp/run 

    @igorwhiletrue thanks! I was aware of stackphp/run, but wondered if there was an alternative which left the run method in place — Silex is such an exquisitely designed and concise abstraction it’s a pity to have to give that up and introduce extra packages, namespaces and functions (more surface area to learn and remember).

  9. I’m not sure I agree that a good designer ensures that the users of a design can figure out how it works (have an effective conceptual model) — rather they should ensure that it’s easy to have a conceptual model which is sufficient for the user to achieve their goal, and that more accurate information is available for tinkerers who want to have a better understanding.

    Case in point: in order to use an electrical appliance, it’s enough to have an intuitive yet inaccurate conceptual model of plug sockets and electricity (“it flows from the hole down the tube to the appliance”). Only in order to build or otherwise tinker with such appliances is it necessary to know that the direction of the electricity changes 50-60 times a second.

    Update: this was actually clarified later in the course

  10. Joschi Kuphal 吉: @BarnabyWalters href attribute in https://github.com/sandeepshetty/authorship-test-cases/blob/master/h-entry_with_rel-author_pointing_to_h-card_with_u-url_equal_to_u-uid_equal_to_self.html …, testing fails atm. Should this be fixed in php-mf2 or the test file?

    @jkphl hm that’s an interesting case — href is technically a url-potentially-surrounded-by-spaces, question is whether or not it’s php-mf2’s responsibility to strip out the spaces in u- properties. I’d say it is, as those spaces are never going to be useful data which we’re throwing away, so opened an issue.