1. Attempting to reproduce a weird, That Browser With Flash issue by opening ALL THE TABS:

    It’s like a little mountain range!

    Edit: I made so many tabs they go off the screen, and That Browser With Flash just ignores it, stubbornly insisting that there are only as many tabs as can fit on the screen. Yet another example of Firefox having Superior Prowess (TBWF is seriously fast though)

  2. Zach Pie Inglis: Fancy that! Google and Mozilla are evil, until they hand over some money! http://indiewebcamp.com/2014/UK/Guest_List#Creators (Word of the day; hypocritical.)

    @zachinglis Mozilla is awesome, previous indiewebcamps have been sponsored by all sorts of projects and organisations including MIT, Esri, &yet, Bridgy, Known, NYT, Superfeedr, trrst, etc. Google has been kind enough to provide money for lunch on several occasions.

    Nowhere is either organisation referred to as “evil” (see: “evil”, Google). Indiewebcamp UK 2014 is still looking for sponsors, know anyone who might be interested?

  3. I love that feeling when you play music with someone/some people and it just works, straight away. It feels like cheating but it’s not, it means you’re doing something right.

  4. Aral Balkan: @emmajanehw (And thanks for your feedback, I’m sure the organisers will appreciate it.) +@indiewebcamp

    @aral @emmajanehw I personally am disappointed with the lack of diversity at Indiewebcamp UK but have no idea how to fix it, so any and all feedback is very welcome and appreciated, and will be taken very seriously by myself as well as the organisers.

  5. Helpful tip: if you cannot move objects around in edit mode, it’s probably due to not having an audio device configured. Because that totally affects being able to drag boxes around.

  6. We regret to report that even after extensive, delicious research we have been unable to determine how soba noodles can possibly taste as good as they do.

    We remain undaunted.