1. Mocking up what an subscription UI could look like:

    A personal site optionally has a homepage feed, as well as linking from the homepage to other pages with some rel value. When asked to subscribe to a URL, if a feed reader finds these links, it shows a UI a list of the linked feeds, with “Homepage” (any posts found on the page) automatically selected.

    The user can then select/deselect feeds, with the preview updating to reflect what the subscription will look like. The selection dialog could either be a modal which goes away once confirmed, or it could be a collapsable panel in the feed column, which has the nice side effect of putting the preview directly where it will be seen, in context.

    Additionally, either the personal site could mark up, or the feed reader detect, special feeds such as personal metrics feeds, and treat those differently.

  2. Woke up, saw bright sun from window — “great, I’ll go rock jumping at Perlan”. Made breakfast (5 mins), hailing on other side of the house. Ate breakfast (5 mins), now snowing. Wrote this note (30 secs), now sunny again.

  3. Aitor García Rey: I'm probably the last person to discover that non-antique organs, those massive steel & wood entities in cathedrals, have a MIDI interface.

    @_aitor generally true, depends on how puritannical the builders were :) The place I worked for took great delight in ripping MIDI hardware out of organs and replacing it with beautiful sensual wood+metal tracker systems

  4. Successfully built a basic EEG/ECG electrode pair @hakkavelin — got heartbeat readouts showing on an oscilloscope! Next up: building an amplifier, feeding into a computer via ADC, detecting brainwaves.

  5. Aaron Parecki: Testing out this inline reply interface from http://waterpigs.co.uk/intertubes/ I have a feeling I forgot to add support for in-reply-to to my own #micropub endpoint!

    @aaronpk and replying using the same app — could this be the first indieweb conversation carried out entirely using a third party micropub app?

  6. Also last night: second try cooking horse meat from kolaportið — attempting to make edible via boiling on low heat for 4 hours. Afterwards it was significantly more tender but still fairly disgusting — would not recommend buying. Maybe as dogfood.

  7. Considering the possibility that preferring to use spaces over tabs for code indentation is indicative of excess complacency with the status quo of using complex text formats to express behaviour, and of the viewpoint that code is a static, inflexible material (think raster images vs vector)

  8. Last night: built commenting on posts direct from my feedreader using — video demo:

    Example replies sent using this technique: 1, 2

    Next up: cleaning code, implementing likes, distilling learnt knowledge into diagrams, code.

    Futher reading: