1. Literally cleaned out the cobwebs on my favourite bouldering routes last night, catching the last of the good weather before it started to rain

  2. Marcus Povey: This game looks fascinating... how accurate are the physics involved in terms of success? Do you have to hit escape velocity/learn orbital mechanics to rendezvous with the space station etc?

    Oops, sorry for not replying — I didn’t see your mention for some reason! Yep, KSP is an amazing game. You do indeed have to hit escape velocity, from a planet 1/10th the size of earth but with equivalent acceleration due to gravity, and yes you have to learn orbital mechanics to rendezvous, or get to other planets. Highly recommended, but watch out — there’s a steep learning curve but once you get it it sucks you in :)

    Oh, and the fan community is amazing. So many tutorials, fan videos and mods. Example:


  3. php-mf2 users: requesting your feedback for Mf2\fetch() microformats-from-URL function just added to dev-master. I want to get this nice and polished before adding it to a versioned release, and would appreciate feedback, specifically on the documentation and debugging support.

  4. The conclusion has been reached, and independently verified: I look Finnish. Apparently the fix is to shorten my hair.

  5. Kevin Marks: “We have a broad consensus on the need to decentralize the web; the question is how to do it.” @baconmeteor #indieweb http://idlewords.com/bt14.htm