1. More dream-weirdness: text-only dreams. As in, the stuff that’s happening isn’t experienced visually/physically, but instead feels as if I’m reading it in a book. Is this dreaming the dream in text-form, or dreaming that I’m reading?

  2. So here’s a challenge for anyone who claims to be able to read meaning into dreams:

    Walking back to my apartment. Go in, it smells of smoke — turns out a hob was left on, and burnt some food. I turn it off. To get rid of the smell, I open a bunch of windows. They all have different window-opening devices, which all have short phrases written on — from inspirational quotes to adverts.

    To be clear, the whole “house is on fire” thing was a minor part — the main focus was the window handles. Does this have some profound meaning?

  3. I really think that’s part of the fun of — there’s no in-game pedagogy so you have to figure out what to do by trial, error, internet research, reading wiki/forum pages. It’s an interesting sort of game experience, very messy with unclear boundaries. Fun!

  4. bruce lawson: .. correction; Opera 21 shows domain + path by default, hides protocol and query strings. (On feedback, we added setting to show full URL).

    @brucel that sounds like a good balance between informing the user and visual noise — should also help discourage the use of query string parameters in permalink design too, hopefully.

  5. Finally landed on the mün manually in ! Here’s my little kerbal looking relieved to be out of the lander at last. It’s a good thing they don’t need anything to eat — it might be a while before I can fly a more substantial base out there.

    A kerbal stands proudly on the moon next to a small, three-legged lander. In the background is Kerbin, set against the milky way.

  6. Doing some highly scientific experiments:

    four spoons are laid out, each with a different proportion of granola to skyr.

    Initial observations: for one mouthful, skyr:granola ratios by weight varying between 6:1 and 6:7 have little noticeable effect on taste or feel of granola in your mouth, time taken to eat or number of annoying little granola-particles stuck in your teeth. At the lowest granola proportion the granola taste and smell was noticeably lessened.

    More to follow.

  7. Fellow publishers: how actively do you chase up unattributed use of your work you find? Do you actively look for unattributed copies?

    Context: recently I’ve stumbled semi-coincidentally across several (casual, non-commercial) uses of my work, in one case attributed it myself, in the other sent a friendly message asking about it w/ no response. Wondering if this is a common experience?