1. Latest invention: Reverse Bamboo Staging! Like asparagus, except you blow spent fuel tanks off the top of the stack (helped along by some separatrons) rather than blowing the engines off too:

    Successfully gets me into LKO with a full main tank. Haven’t decided what to do with it yet…

  2. The fact that pressing buttons and watching lights on a screen change lets me fly to another country still weirds me out.

  3. How to query for all highways in Overpass API (demo: overpass-turbo.eu/s/3sB):

    <osm-script output="json">
      <query type="way" into="highways">
        <bbox-query {{bbox}}/>
        <has-kv k="highway" />
        <item set="highways"/>
        <recurse from="highways" type="down"/>
      <print mode="body" order="quadtile"/>

    This returns all highways without filtering, check out the OSM Highway docs for different possible types of highway, and add a v="" attribute to the has-kv element to filter.

  4. Stuart Langridge: @adactio ooh, that's cool. Why not just use pingback? I assume the answer is "XML-RPC, man, why", for which I apologise :)

    @sil @adactio fwiw, pingback was extremely valuable prior art for webmention, the first indieweb comment implementation used pingbacks, and some indieweb sites (my own included) support comments using pingback as the notification transport, often using webmention.io as a proxy

  5. : Indieweb

    @tgb nice article — you absolutely are a creator! You’ve set up your own site, made it your online identity with rel-me, set up POSSE and indieweb comments. Glad to know that could help you, looking forward to seeing what you make next! See you at an indiewebcamp soon, hopefully :)

  6. If you’re using pika as a client and are getting “ConnectionClosed” exceptions, test or look very carefully through the code being executed — it is probably not a pika or rabbitmq issue but some other exception.

    E.G. I just spent half an hour tearing apart pika connection handling code when it turns out the exceptions were caused by passing a dict rather than an instance of template.Context to template.render().