1. Jon Zuck: Anyone still using microformats? Their site seems out-of-date; says to use microformats2, but most documentation is for old formats.

    @frimmin people are indeed using microformats, classic docs are still majority of the wiki but mf2 vocabs all documented microformats.org/wiki/microformats2#v2_vocabularies, open source microformats.org/wiki/parsers available, validation tools e.g. indiewebify.me

    A lot of microformats activity in the indiewebcamp.com community enabling things like cross-site comments/likes/reposts/rsvps, link previews, autodiscovery, feed readers just beginning development.

  2. Roopa Gulati: @BarnabyWalters I love the way you combine fabulous experimental food with technical computer coding!

    @roopagulati thanks! Currently mainly working on improving my pizza technique — I can do pretty good sourdough bases now, just bought a pizza stone and it’s had a huge effect. Pizza is now crispy but flexible and a little charred on the bottom.

  3. I thought I understood what the Shadow DOM was. Then I read w3.org/TR/shadow-dom

    Any element in a shadow tree can be a shadow host, thus producing nested shadow trees. A shadow tree is nested when its shadow host is itself a part of a shadow tree. Conversely, a shadow tree A is said to be nesting the shadow tree B if B is nested by A. If a shadow host is declared in the document, the document is the nesting tree of its shadow trees.


    One case that deserves special consideration is the situation when an insertion point is a child node of another shadow host. In such situations, the nodes distributed into that insertion point must appear as if they were child nodes of the shadow host in the context of distribution within the shadow tree, hosted by said shadow host. Thus, the nodes distributed to a shadow tree could have already been distributed by the nesting tree. The effect of a node being distributed into more than one insertion point is called reprojection.


    While pondering if his company should start looking for a new designer


    Well done, Bob! With the cup of coffee still half-full, the work is complete. Recognizing his awesomeness, Bob returns to teaching n00bs the ways of WoW.


    // TODO(alice): Check designer's desk for hallucinogens.


    takes the cake for using shadow tree composition in such a cool way.

  4. Aitor García Rey: @BarnabyWalters Base format to describe a recipe (not only in html contexts) as source for apps and recipe repositories.

    @_aitor “apps/repositories” not specific or user-focused enough to base improvements/requirements on — what is the data being *used* for, in terms of the people using the UIs you want to build?

    E.G. do you want people to be able to search based on ingredient(s)? Or find only recipes which can be made within time available? Or to offer a UI to convert quantities into units the cook is more familiar with? Or to scale quantities depending on the number of people the cook is making food for?

  5. Pelle Wessman: @BarnabyWalters http://auphonic.com/  good for indie publishing audio, Instacast great for consuming it, @timpritlove great at pushing it

    @voxpelli thanks for the links, auphonic looks like a great service! Certainly going to look into using that for automating stuff like audio encoding.

  6. Sighted a majestic sky whale hovering low over the mountains to the south-east of Reykjavik this morning.

    Any assertion that it was in fact some ski slopes lit up in the dark will be met with insistent mutterings about celestial cetaceans.

  7. At any given time my web archive HTTPS to HTTP domain ratio is almost exactly 1:10. Right now it’s at 410 HTTP domains and 41 HTTPS domains. Note that this is just the count of the domains I link to (and which link to me), unweighted by the number of actual physical links.

  8. Finished off a tiring 15000 step day with my best Spanish-style hot chocolate yet: milk, cornstarch, vanilla, dark chocolate, cinnamon, himalayan salt, a little licorice, masala curry powder and crumbled walnuts. mmmmmmmm.

  9. Favourite quote from Shaping Things by @bruces so far:

    “What is a “brand”? It’s a mark seared into the surface of something. Is that the best you can do in the way of establishing a relationship between us?”