1. ☮ elf Pavlik ☮: I wonder if http://micropub.net could use application/ld+json besides application/x-www-form-urlencoded ? #indiewebcamp @aaronpk

    @elfpavlik HTTP POST urlencoded bodies are supported by every web application framework ever. For everyone to add support for not only a separate vocabulary but a completely different content type is a huge amount of (probably unnecessary) work. What benefits does it bring? Is there existing client software which would immediately work with micropub resource providers if this change was made?

  2. @benwerd loving your work on idno! Just had a look at the source, great that you’re using 2, I have some suggestions/corrections:

    • .h-entry is better off where you’ve got .idno-entry so then the author .h-card can be scoped into the entry
    • add .p-author to the .h-card for each .h-entry to explicitly declare authorship
    • put .h-as-* on the same element as .h-entry .idno-entry
    • put .u-url where you currently have .dt-published, move .dt-published to the time element

    Thanks to Aaron Parecki you can see how a page is parsed here, or use my php-mf2 demo sandbox for experimentation by hand.