1. Looking through archives, I realise the real reason I stopped doing animation was after coming up with “The Spaghetti Entanglement”, I realised that nothing I ever made would be worthy of that name.

  2. My 2hr Norwegian airlines connection from LGW to CPH showed a bunch of short films instead of a long movie. Amongst them was the single best piece of animation I’ve ever seen: Rabbit and Deer:

    Everything about this is perfectly executed — the story, the animation, the art styles. It almost makes me want to start animating again, except that it’d take years to make something half as good.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the soundtrack on the plane because the armrest headphone jack didn’t work. At the time I was listening to “The Blackleg Miner” by Appletwig Songbook (here’s a different version), which created this bizzare mental association between an old miners song and this piece of animation.

  3. Miyazaki says, "Our job as animators is not only to draw scenes. We must find the minimum necessary and important lines for the specific movement in a given action. The techniques of animation drawing are not the same as those of painting a still picture. Animation is a consequence of the audience's perception of movement created by sequential drawings. For this reason, each drawing in the sequence -- especially the lines -- should not be drawn too detailed; rather, they should be drawn less [detailed] and create an instant pause in the sequential movement.” (source)

    Sounds a lot like UI design to me.