1. Ben Werdmüller: At this point in my career I'm prepared to recommend that we all standardize on ASCII art and forget about "videos" and "multimedia".

    @benwerd videos are such noisy things, whilst ASCII art has a certain serenity about it. But lack of video does mean no more Clangers :'(



  2. : the music and sound effects heard in The Clangers are audible interpretations of how the Clangers themselves perceive their surroundings — similar to the way bat detectors turn sonar into human-audible tones.

  3. Every now and again I wonder if the same sort of fandoms which Adventure Time, My Little Pony et al have now would have arisen around things like The Clangers and Captain Scarlet if web culture had been as evolved (or even existed) in the 60-70s as it is now.

    Would people cosplay as Jones the Steam, post videos analysing the character development in The Herbs, communicate using Noggin The Nog reaction faces and write erotic Portland Bill fanfics?

    A bearded viking-esque guy in a pointed hat with safety covers drinks some ale, then spits it out in surprise and look to the right.

    Actually, don’t answer that.

    Spit-takes are better with ale and viking helmets. Wait, no. Everything is better with ale and viking helmets.