1. Eating inaugural new-apartment hot chocolate out of a jar, exhibits interesting elasticity gradient from near-liquid at the top to properly gelled at the bottom — possibly a result of the heat conducting properties of glass vs ceramic?

  2. Good pre-travel baking: Granola with @brennannovak of @rvkgranola, and Germknödel second attempt — first try wasn’t much good, this time they worked perfectly, expanding to twice their original size! First time I’ve managed to make a boiled dumpling with a bready texture.

  3. We regret to report that even after extensive, delicious research we have been unable to determine how soba noodles can possibly taste as good as they do.

    We remain undaunted.

  4. Aitor García Rey: @BarnabyWalters Do they have rennet at Burið!?! I didn’t know! A few desserts for next @SumendiRest have become suddenly possible… thanks!

    @_aitor welcome back! Yep, I spent several hours today on a wild goose chase which led me to Burið and now have a small vat of Skyr curing. Looking forward to tasting the Sumendi desserts, and I actually have one I’d like you to sample: an evolution of your hot chocolate recipe with some Icelandic influences…

  5. Also last night: second try cooking horse meat from kolaportið — attempting to make edible via boiling on low heat for 4 hours. Afterwards it was significantly more tender but still fairly disgusting — would not recommend buying. Maybe as dogfood.

  6. Roopa Gulati: @BarnabyWalters I love the way you combine fabulous experimental food with technical computer coding!

    @roopagulati thanks! Currently mainly working on improving my pizza technique — I can do pretty good sourdough bases now, just bought a pizza stone and it’s had a huge effect. Pizza is now crispy but flexible and a little charred on the bottom.

  7. Finished off a tiring 15000 step day with my best Spanish-style hot chocolate yet: milk, cornstarch, vanilla, dark chocolate, cinnamon, himalayan salt, a little licorice, masala curry powder and crumbled walnuts. mmmmmmmm.

  8. Acquired today: one pizza stone and a paddle! Hopefully this will push my pizza quality to the next level now that I have a decent dough technique.