1. Kyle Weems: If you have thoughts about the @twitterapi changes (cut off RSS, public timeline, etc), you should tell me today. #squoose topic tonight.

    @cssquirrel “if” we have thoughts? You mean there’s a possibility we won’t?! My “thoughts” would fill a podcast on their own, but no–one wants to listen to me ranting to myself ;)

  2. Sandeep Shetty: @BarnabyWalters Done!

    @sandeepshetty fab :) I want to get Salmon working so I can reply/fave/etc. from my own software but it’s bloody awkward. Currently in the process of publishing some ideas on how magic sigs could be more effectively used. In the mean time, Pingback FTW!

  3. People who want to build ‘the indieweb’ as opposed to ‘a part of the indieweb’ are doomed to fail. The web, and so the indieweb, is (or should be) a Platform Agnostic Platform