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    @tgb nice article — you absolutely are a creator! You’ve set up your own site, made it your online identity with rel-me, set up POSSE and indieweb comments. Glad to know that could help you, looking forward to seeing what you make next! See you at an indiewebcamp soon, hopefully :)

  2. Finally got “home” home after one of the most intense weekends of my life. Now to spend a relaxing week sorting out the garage, finishing and trying to sell a hurdy gurdy, meeting up with people and following up .

  3. So @indiewebcampuk is over-capacity! Really looking forward to meeting you all in Brighton. If you’re interested in coming please do add yourself to the wait list in case there are cancellations, it would be a pity to have empty seats and there are plenty of other great events going on at the same time. indiewebcamp.com/2013/UK

  4. Aral Balkan: Mark the dates: the 2nd IndieWebCampUK is taking place in Brighton on the 7th & 8th of September. http://t.co/Vq5OSdzgoh

    Aral Balkan just booking my flights+accommodation etc., any news RE the design workshop you mentioned? Would be handy to know if solidified so I can adjust travel plans :)