1. Tom Morris: For the blockchain enthusiasts angry at my scepticism, how is Namecoin getting on? Can I read your Namecoin-backed blog yet?

    @tommorris I’m hardly a blockchain enthusiast but it might still be possible to read my site at barnabywalters.bit if you have a namecoin DNS resolver set up. I experimented with namecoin a bit purely for the experience. Results: it does actually work, and isn’t a terrible experience (terrible being relative to the current system for buying and managing domain names) but whether or not using a blockchain for DNS is actually scalable or at all feasible for the entire web I have no idea.

  2. Posting this note from barnabywalters.bit — been experimenting with namecoin, got .bit domains resolving on my machine by following instructions namecoin.bitcoin-contact.org, installed namecoin wallet on my VPS and registered a name, pointed it at my web server.

    Surprisingly it was a fairly straightforward process. The most difficult part was getting hold of some namecoin to register names with — I ended up trading some of my DOGE for NMC on vircurex.com.

  3. I am inordinately proud of this tiny progress bash snippet:

    watch 'echo "$(namecoind getblockcount) / $(curl -s http://explorer.dot-bit.org/stats/block_count.txt) * 100" | bc -l'