1. Doing a mass find-and-replace operation on the Perch Blog app so I can have more than one running at the same time. If you want to do something similar, here are the strings you need to replace:

    • blogyourName
    • BlogYourName
    • perch_blogyourPrefix_yourName
    • PerchBlogYourName

    And then obviously rename the .class.php files and activate as you would any other app.

  2. Security component is a beast. Once I’ve got it sorted, there’s a BIG tutorial on it’s way. The symfony components have taught me a huge amount, so improving their documentation the least I can do.

  3. Anyone know a good way of integration testing how a web app communicates with twitter? I want to make my testing better so I can test syndication, but I’m not entirely sure how to go about it.