1. Sandeep Shetty: @BarnabyWalters Very cool. What's the use-case though? Also is this coming of the doctrine based indexer that you had?

    @sandeepshetty thanks! I’ve wanted to plot tag usage over time for a while now to see if there are any interesting patterns. I’m not using doctrine any more, in fact I’m not even using a SQL database for indexing until I really need one — data stored in yaml files, indexed by a csv file in ~210 lines of code — see also waterpigs.co.uk/notes/4TQNY2

    When I post a note, adds one to the week counter for each tag, then I have an endpoint which makes that data into an SVG.

  2. @chloeweil great article and great work implementing ! Interested in your choice to use a database for performance reasons, was that prompted by actual experience or just the cited help thread? fwiw I’m having no performance problems storing >2000 notes in flat files with a CSV file index

  3. Aaron Parecki: @benwerd Awesome, I've been using an 11" Air for a couple years, I'm a huge fan! I'm switching to the 13" Pro now... http://t.co/RXQM7VZRyG

    Aaron Parecki @benwerd oh cool — I’m upgrading to the 13" retina pro this christmas, good to know it’s a good machine! Certainly a significant upgrade from my trusty old non-unibody MB

  4. Brian J Brennan: @BarnabyWalters nahh nothing like that, it's actually pretty tame. But the GET request would potentially create a resource.

    Brian Brennan ah, okay. I was thinking of using SSE-style responses to a POST request as a way of offering real-time feedback about new content creation without having to set up redis and a websockets server.

  5. @|p^): hey @BarnabyWalters thought this might interest you http://t.co/sDMaFLAfea if you don't know about it already of course!

    @w03_ thanks, I have indeed heard of Noflo! Haven’t experimented with it much yet due to their focus on the backend framework. I’m working on a similar thing, focused completely on experimenting with programming UI: waterpigs.co.uk/intertubes

  6. @|p^): Here I am at 5am, deciding to learn recursive functions in python, @gakera & @Hvitur_Hrafn I blame you both!

    @w03_ recursive functions are fun. Once you’ve figured them, closures and first-class functions out you’re pretty much there :)

  7. Julien Genestoux: @BarnabyWalters I'd love to chat about your #yahoopipes clone! I believe @superfeedr can help/learn!

    @julien51 indeed, I have plans for a caching system using superfeedr, as I’ve quickly found that keeping the feedback loops as tiny as possible is vital for productive piping! What’s your preferred communication method? I hear jitsi does pretty good encrypted voice/video calls these days…

  8. Brennan Novak: Thank you @WillardFoxton for referring to my people (software devs) as "exceptionally dull weirdos." You sir, have a way with words and are clearly aware of what's going on in the world. Thank you for your valuable insights.

    Brennan Novak is that a reply-context I see there?