1. In reply to a post on github.com

    @sandeepshetty @pfefferle cweiske Something new to consider: Jeremy Keith added a webmention sending form to his journal entries to help people who’s websites don’t support webmention already. Being able to test and use webmention through a human visible, interactable form is a huge benefit of using HTTP form encoded data.

    We can make this an even stronger case by encouraging success and error responses to be full HTML documents with helpful copy.

    See also

  2. Johannes Ernst: The IndieWeb community has it nailed: #selfdogfood

    This post by @Johannes_ernst sums up — loving the BMW story too, we should document that on the wiki!

    All I have to add is something I learnt at this year: when people advocate a technology, don’t be afraid to ask the selfdogfooding questions

    • “are you using this on your own site?”
    • “do you rely on it every day?”

    And if they answer no, don’t be afraid to call them out on it. It’s your time they’re wasting.

  3. Marcus Povey: Thoughts: Simple distributed friend/follow/subscribe scheme

    @mapkyca nice brainstorming, loving the idea of key discovery for private content! (I publish a link to my PGP key on my homepage, if you want to test it out :)

    Have you had a look at PuSH v0.4? It’s way simpler than old PuSH and is no longer strongly tied to RSS/ATOM content.

    Note also that the “argh my little site got popular and is dying” thing can be solved even with your simpler system, by making the endpoint an external service. Woo hypermedia discovery over well-known URLs!

  4. Ben Werdmuller: What's the #indieweb / #microformats friendly take on infinite scroll? Sick of my prev / next buttons.

    @benwerd my take: use rel=next/prev[ious] (like inter-post nav) then progressively enhance, make sure you’re not making people play “catch the footer” :)

  5. Tantek Çelik: #indieweb @zeldman you can now Reply (and Favorite and Retweet) from notes on my site. No backbutton needed. Figuring out how to enable such "web actions" from indieweb site to indieweb site, and not just from my site to Twitter, was the bigger challenge (UX and markup). I implemented these #webactions for all my notes past, present, and future, during an @IndieWebCampUK session today: * etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-webactions * indiewebcamp.com/webactions#Tantek

    Tantek Çelik wow, how many years between feature request and implementation? Must be a record!