1. Brennan Novak: If this whole freedom software / nerd thing doesn't work out, i'm starting a band called Granola Jihad... http://bnvk.me/24B 

    @brennannovak COUNT ME IN — on the topic of delicious solutions, @joviansalak is president/overlord of the SOAS Hummus society, an organisation dedicated to the use of hummus for socio-political change.

  2. Aitor García Rey: Vibrantly beautiful real places become imitations of digital creations instead of the other way. Very New Aesthetic.

    @_aitor similarly, I remember social gatherings at which friends would organise, *in real life*, chatting on facebook later on.

  3. superfeedr: @BarnabyWalters Pinging from http://blog.superfeedr.com/indieweb-microformats-fragments-subscriptions/ … to http://waterpigs.co.uk/notes/4T3FSd/  I get "Source URI does not contain a link to the target URI"

    @superfeedr thanks for the heads-up, it was a caching issue in — now squashed with your mention happily on my page! I need to make taproot show names of blog posts instead of/in addition to the first bit of text.

  4. @|p^): @BarnabyWalters so we should only hang out on thursdays it seems?

    @w03_ I have come to realise that everything happens on Thursdays. But actually, I hadn’t even considered that each item corresponded to a day of the week — I just can’t get enough

  5. Tom Morris: I was doing some Rails development yesterday: Better Errors is really awesome. It uses a library called b... http://tommorris.org/posts/8859 

    @tommorris wow, the Werkzeug debugger looks fantastic, going to try that out on some django projects today

  6. Aitor García Rey: I'm probably the last person to discover that non-antique organs, those massive steel & wood entities in cathedrals, have a MIDI interface.

    @_aitor generally true, depends on how puritannical the builders were :) The place I worked for took great delight in ripping MIDI hardware out of organs and replacing it with beautiful sensual wood+metal tracker systems

  7. Jack Way: Thinking of using the Slim PHP framework for a project. Anyone had any experience of it? Should I be looking at a better alternative?

    @jack_way I know people who’ve had a good experience with Slim, I use silex.sensiolabs.org myself for almost everything now as it uses the Symfony components and is excellently designed.

  8. Aaron Parecki: Testing out this inline reply interface from http://waterpigs.co.uk/intertubes/ I have a feeling I forgot to add support for in-reply-to to my own #micropub endpoint!

    @aaronpk and replying using the same app — could this be the first indieweb conversation carried out entirely using a third party micropub app?