1. Joschi Kuphal 吉: @BarnabyWalters Love it! Have been to most of these places ~18 yrs ago when I cycled around Iceland ... Had a pretty good time around Dalvík

    @jkphl oh wow, cycling all the way round is impressive! Was that in summer? How long did it take you?

  2. @robinmujician Interesting — I’ve always considered a meme to be an idea transmitted between people, and memetics the study of how ideas travel between people. The argument being that uncommunicated thoughts aren’t very meaningful to anyone except the thinker, and the physical expressions of memes are creative works in their own right rather than memes — the meme being the idea that the creative work transmits.

    Never really considered it as applying to behaviours but it makes a lot of sense, and is in the official definition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme

  3. Brennan Novak: If this whole freedom software / nerd thing doesn't work out, i'm starting a band called Granola Jihad... http://bnvk.me/24B 

    @brennannovak COUNT ME IN — on the topic of delicious solutions, @joviansalak is president/overlord of the SOAS Hummus society, an organisation dedicated to the use of hummus for socio-political change.

  4. Aitor García Rey: Vibrantly beautiful real places become imitations of digital creations instead of the other way. Very New Aesthetic.

    @_aitor similarly, I remember social gatherings at which friends would organise, *in real life*, chatting on facebook later on.

  5. superfeedr: @BarnabyWalters Pinging from http://blog.superfeedr.com/indieweb-microformats-fragments-subscriptions/ … to http://waterpigs.co.uk/notes/4T3FSd/  I get "Source URI does not contain a link to the target URI"

    @superfeedr thanks for the heads-up, it was a caching issue in — now squashed with your mention happily on my page! I need to make taproot show names of blog posts instead of/in addition to the first bit of text.

  6. @|p^): @BarnabyWalters so we should only hang out on thursdays it seems?

    @w03_ I have come to realise that everything happens on Thursdays. But actually, I hadn’t even considered that each item corresponded to a day of the week — I just can’t get enough

  7. Tom Morris: I was doing some Rails development yesterday: Better Errors is really awesome. It uses a library called b... http://tommorris.org/posts/8859 

    @tommorris wow, the Werkzeug debugger looks fantastic, going to try that out on some django projects today

  8. Aitor García Rey: I'm probably the last person to discover that non-antique organs, those massive steel & wood entities in cathedrals, have a MIDI interface.

    @_aitor generally true, depends on how puritannical the builders were :) The place I worked for took great delight in ripping MIDI hardware out of organs and replacing it with beautiful sensual wood+metal tracker systems

  9. Jack Way: Thinking of using the Slim PHP framework for a project. Anyone had any experience of it? Should I be looking at a better alternative?

    @jack_way I know people who’ve had a good experience with Slim, I use silex.sensiolabs.org myself for almost everything now as it uses the Symfony components and is excellently designed.