1. : Indieweb

    @tgb nice article — you absolutely are a creator! You’ve set up your own site, made it your online identity with rel-me, set up POSSE and indieweb comments. Glad to know that could help you, looking forward to seeing what you make next! See you at an indiewebcamp soon, hopefully :)

  2. I really think that’s part of the fun of — there’s no in-game pedagogy so you have to figure out what to do by trial, error, internet research, reading wiki/forum pages. It’s an interesting sort of game experience, very messy with unclear boundaries. Fun!

  3. bruce lawson: .. correction; Opera 21 shows domain + path by default, hides protocol and query strings. (On feedback, we added setting to show full URL).

    @brucel that sounds like a good balance between informing the user and visual noise — should also help discourage the use of query string parameters in permalink design too, hopefully.

  4. Ben Werdmüller: At this point in my career I'm prepared to recommend that we all standardize on ASCII art and forget about "videos" and "multimedia".

    @benwerd videos are such noisy things, whilst ASCII art has a certain serenity about it. But lack of video does mean no more Clangers :'(



  5. Andy Robinson: @BarnabyWalters Yeah, there is that. But really, I think it should just cut me some slack :-)

    .@andycayenne oh I agree — but whenever I think about how stupid computers are, only doing exactly what we tell them, I think about how much worse it would be if they tried to guess what we really meant ;)